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High precision servo press

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TNC-TD series closed double/four point servo press

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TNC-TD series closed double/four point servo press

Performance Features

▶ Advanced design concept, simple construction, and reduced failure rate.
▶ The servo motor of the drive source is activated only during press working.
▶ High-precision machining with a parallelism of 0.01 mm or less.
▶ The working environment is greatly quieted, and the processing noise and vibration are greatly reduced.
▶ The use of flywheels, belts, clutches, etc., has become a new construction that is maintenance-free, lightweight, and space-saving, achieving high added value.
▶ The touch-screen-controlled servo punch makes the production “visualization”, the overall optimized vision, and facilitates production planning management, operation management, and quality management.
▶ Save 85% of electricity compared to regular presses.
▶ Accuracy meets the punch standard JIS level 1 or higher.

Standard Configuration

▶ Electric punch adjusting device
▶ Digital moulding-height indicator
▶ Punch and die balancing device
▶ Rotary CAM controller
▶ Electromagnetic-type counter
▶ Miss inspection device
▶ Stepless speed change device

▶ Pneumatic blowing device
▶ Pneumatic quick connector
▶ Light socket
▶ Maintenance tool
▶ Photo-electric safety device
▶ Anti-vibration press mount

Optional Configuration

▶ Automatic feeding axis
▶ Pneumatic die pad device
▶ Quick die change device

▶ Pre-determined counter
▶ Pneumatic die pad deviceToping device
▶ Automatic feeding device (feeder, rack, straightening machine)
▶ Mechanism hand

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