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Service Hotline:
+86 139 6177 5165

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High performance mechanical press

TP-RD series split closed double crankshaft precision press

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TP-RD series split closed double crankshaft precision press

Performance Features

▶ Eight-side long rectangle guides of the slide in high moving precision and high accuracy.
▶ Hydraulic overload protection device achieving high sensitivity in effectively protecting against overload, to ensure convenient and reliable operation.
▶ Temperature transducer for key transmission part, with alarming function for over temperature to ensure the operation.
▶ Imported pneumatic combination friction clutch-brake, with low noise, long service life, large clutch torque and small braking angle, to ensure reliable safety and flexible action.
▶ Straight type and separated-structure including three parts: crossbeam uprights and base tightened by four tensile screw rods, high rigidity and less deformation.(400~600)

Standard Configuration

▶ Oil-pressure overload device
▶ Frequency
▶ Digital height indicator
▶ Slider and die balancing device
▶ Electronic cam switch device
▶ Prejudging counter
▶ Air source contact
▶ Second falling protector
▶ Air blowing device
▶ Independent control cabinet
▶ Miss inspection device

▶ Main motor inversion set
▶ Photo-electricity safety protection device
▶ Imported oil-gathering silencer
▶ Thin oil circulation lubrication device
▶ Power socket
▶ Touch(pre-cut, prejudge and total count)
▶ Die lighting device
▶ “ T ” console

Optional Configuration
▶ Vapor-pressure die backer device
▶ Quick exchange of die device (die lifter, die clamper or die mover)
▶ Cam top material device
▶ Feeder (air, machine and NC)

▶ Material frame
▶ Leveller 
▶ Mechanical arm