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Service Hotline:
+86 139 6177 5165

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High performance mechanical press

TP-HZ series high speed precision press

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TP-HZ series high speed precision press

Performance Features

▶ Three-circle guide pillar slider structure, adopting alloy steel bush and force lubrication, so that thermal change can fall to the minimum while precision may reach to the maximum.
▶ Dynamic equilibrium system is used to balance bent axles and vibration generated when slider runs up and to control stability of bottom dead center
▶ The fuselage adopts integrated high-steel alloy castings and is heat-treated to eliminate internal stress, ensuring long-term high precision, high rigidity, shock resistance and durability.
▶ The man-machine interface (electronic cam + rotary encoder) is easy and accurate to operate.
▶ The operation function is integrated with the liquid crystal display, and the fault content of the base is automatically displayed.
▶ Manual mold height adjustment with mold height indicator and hydraulic clamping device.
▶ The careful electrical circuit design can be combined with various automation equipment to automate production, reduce costs and improve efficiency.
▶ The clutch and brake device are highly sensitive, and the international top single electromagnetic ensures the punching and stopping accuracy and safety of the punching slider.

Standard Configuration

▶ Vertex stop 
▶ Slide adjust 
▶ Die height indicator 
▶ Converter
▶ Programmable control of PIC 
▶ Touch screen (pre-break, pre-cut, angle indication, total count)
▶ Encoder (electronic) reserved 2 groups
▶ Machine front operation box
▶ Quakeproof foot
▶ Air source fast connection 
▶ Sticking release device
▶ Hydraulic clamping
▶ Mechanical crank angle indicator
▶ Forced circulation oil device
▶ Toolbox
▶ Operating instructions
▶ Power outlet
▶ Air blowing device

Optional Configuration

▶ Feeder 
▶ Material frame
▶ Material oil lubrication device

▶ Bottom dead point detector
▶ Oil cooler
▶ Mold light