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Service Hotline:
+86 139 6177 5165

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High performance mechanical press

TP-HX series high speed precision automatic press

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TP-HX series high speed precision automatic press

Performance Features

▶ The fuselage adopts integrated high-steel alloy castings and is heat-treated to eliminate internal stress, ensuring long-term high precision, high rigidity, shock resistance and durability.
▶ The careful electrical circuit design can be combined with various automation equipment to automate production, reduce costs and improve efficiency.
▶ The slider is designed with a long guide to ensure precise and stable operation.
▶ The machine running transmission parts adopt centralized detection and automatic forced lubrication system design, which can realize real-time control and self-protection system.

▶ Thorough  electric loop design meets European standard
▶ Reasonable physical design is convenient to realize automatic production, reduce cost and increase efficiency.
▶ Adopt highly sensitive and reliable clutch/brake units and international top duplex magnetic valves and overload protection device, to guarantee the precision and safety of press slider revolving and stopping.

Standard Configuration

▶ Sticking release device
▶ Air ejector
▶ Automatically-recirculating lubrication device
▶ Slide adjust
▶ Electrical stroke counter
▶ Quakeproof foot
▶ Converter
▶ Die lighting device
▶ Pre-cut counter

▶ Programmable controller
▶ Slider and mold balancing device
▶ Rotary CAM controller
▶ Crankshaft angle indicator
▶ Air source contact
▶ Electronic CAM display
▶ PACC100 control system

Optional Configuration

▶ Feeder

▶ Misfeed detection consent

▶ Man machine control system