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Service Hotline:
+86 139 6177 5165

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High performance mechanical press

TP-RO series closed double crank precision press

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TP-RO series closed double crank precision press

Performance Features

▶ Machine adopts high-alloy-steel, two-bent-axle, and two-wide work center, to optimize design.
▶ The precision of mold adjustment is as high as 0.1mm, safe, convenient and reliable.
▶ Advanced design concept, low noise, low consumption and saving energy.
▶ Adopt highly sensitive and reliable clutch/brake units and international top duplex magnetic valves and overload protection device, to guarantee the precision and safety of press slider revolving and stopping.
▶ In order to guarantee relative stability when the machine is working, adopt the design of symmetry of two balancers.

▶ Such parts as crankshaft, gear set and connecting rod, after hard oxidation, mill and other fabrication processing, have extreme comprehensive mechanical performance and durable function.
▶ Reasonable physical design is convenient to realize automatic production, reduce cost and increase efficiency.
▶ With high rigidity design in machine frame, the machine is welded of high-quality steel sheets and treated by tension elimination to improve stability and reliability of the machine.

Standard Configuration

▶ Wet clutch brake
▶ Standard operating system
▶ Choice / cutting / inch / safe journey / continuation of operating mode
▶ Oil pressure overload protection device
▶ Second falling protector
▶ Duplex magnetic valve
▶ Misfeed detection consent
▶ Electric slider adjusting device
▶ Digital moulding-height indicator (unit:0.1mm)
▶ Electric butter lubricating device
▶ Frequency
▶ Touch screen device
▶ Photo-electric safety device

▶ Main motor inversion device
▶ Safety dog and safety latch
▶ T-type two-hand button operating floor
▶ Accumulative counter (6 digits)
▶ Pre-determined counter (6 digits)
▶ Electronic rotatry CAM switch (6 connections)
▶ Air-blast device 1/2" primary circuit
▶ Air source connector 1/2" secondary circuit
▶ Error inspection socket
▶ Power socket (only appy to single-phase 110V power)
▶ Quakeproof foot

Optional Configuration

▶ Dry clutch brake
▶ Die cushion device
▶ Upper slider feeding device
▶ Foot switch
▶ Inspection variable-connection magnetic valve
▶ Rapid tooling exchange
▶ Upper die clamper
▶ Lower die clamper

▶ Die lifter
▶ Mould-shift arm
▶ Basic bolt and soleplate
▶ Automatic feeder device
▶ Three-in-one NC straightening feeder
▶ Nc Roll feeder
▶ Three-in-one feeder and straightening machine
▶ Leveller