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What is the numerical control program and storage medium of CNC lathe?

Release date: 2018-10-15 14:31:44 Visits: 498

The NC program is a working instruction for the automatic machining of parts for CNC lathes. On the basis of the process analysis of the machined parts, determine the relative position of the part coordinate system on the machine coordinate system; the size parameter of the relative movement of the tool and the part; the process route or machining sequence of the part machining, the process parameters of the cutting process and the auxiliary device Actions, etc. In this way, all the movement, size, process parameters and other processing information of the part are obtained, and then the numerical control code composed of standard characters, numbers and symbols is used to enter the format according to the prescribed method, and the numerical control program list for the part processing is prepared. The programming work can be done manually or by an automatic programming computer system outside the CNC lathe. The more advanced CNC lathe can be programmed directly on the CNC.
The program must be stored in a storage medium such as paper tape, tape or disk, etc., depending on the type of design of the numerical control device. The machining information recorded on the storage medium needs to be sent to the machine numerical control system by the input device, and the part processing program in the machine tool memory can be transferred to the storage medium through the output device. The input and output devices are the interfaces between the machine tool and external devices. Currently, the input devices mainly include a tape reader, a floppy disk drive, an RS232C serial communication port, and an MDI mode.