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Service Hotline:
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Basic repair and maintenance of high-speed precision punching machine

Release date: 2018-10-15 14:28:16 Visits: 610

A, oil system
1. Is there oil leakage?
2. Is the oil pressure normal?
3. Whether the oil pipe is aging or broken (the oil pipe should be inspected once a month)
4, clean oil supply system
5. Whether the oil pressure clamping is leaking, oil leakage, pressure is normal (240KG) or more
B, pneumatic system
1. Is the duct deformed or broken?
2. Combination of three points, whether the air filter has dirt or water, and whether the automatic injector is filled or dripped.
3. Is the air pressure normal?
4. Is the rotary joint leaking?
C, mechanical part
Clutch system:
1. Whether the film is worn or not;
2, is there any loose screws?
3, brake function
4, other
1. Is the idling flexible?
2, is there any abnormal noise?
3, add butter once a month
D, precision detection
1, parallelism
2, the comprehensive gap
3, verticality